Who’s this Wilkes guy?


I’m WILKES. I live in Georgia and work in Nashville. Yes, that’s a heck of a commute but I don’t mind it. I build song foundations in my car on I-75 and I-24. Songwriting is my trade. My voice and various musical instruments are the tools I use to pull my songs into the world for consumption. I produce my own records because I’m an entrepreneur and it’s good business. Some say I’m country. Some say I’m rock. Others swear up and down that I’m pop. Looking back on those last three sentences, maybe I’m a little bit, Dr. Suess.  I was the front man of a pop/rock band (High Flight Society), I slung my hair and held the bass in a hard rock band (Disciple), I’ve strummed acoustic and sang background vocals for a country music trailblazer (Sam Hunt), and I now fall somewhere in between. I sang my heart out and showcased my catlike reflexes on The Voice Season 14. I’ve been doing this a long dang time. I could write a full-blown Tolkien-length novel series about my experiences in the music industry; however, we will call all that the back story. Welcome to the beginning.