Who... Me?

For 17 years now I have actively been chasing a fairly elusive dream. I say "dream"... but it's more than that for me. It's an irresistible draw. An unshakable attraction. An unavoidable calling. I can't remember a time when I didn't feel it's pull. I eat, sleep and breath it. I work endless hours and constantly hone my skills to become better at it. I can't turn it off and I can't run away from it. The funny thing though... is I don't really fit the part.  Not technically.

To say music is my passion is an understatement. Whether it be writing, producing or performing I feel most in my element when I'm operating as a "working musician." To be a great musician you need to be good at a number of things other than music. On stage, you should be bold and engaging. You should be able to take a crowd into the palm of your hand and take them where you want them to go. You should have a larger than life persona. Offstage, you should be personable and good at networking. Striking up a new friendship could come in handy down the road so you should have great communication skills. You really really should try to be likable. After all, relationships are the most important part of this business. Oh, yea... and never forget that it is indeed a business so work on those skills.


Not only am I not a larger than life personality... I tend to try and blend in with the wall paper.

Me? I'm a painfully introverted quiet southern guy who isn't well versed in good manners. I got over my stage fright years ago but I don't love the feeling of having all the attention put on me. I honestly don't really like to be in the spotlight. I can surely ramble into a microphone between songs to thoroughly confuse a crowd but putting them "in the palm of my hand"  ... occasionally? Not only am I not a larger than life personality... I tend to try and blend in with the wallpaper. I'm great at being awkward in social situations. I'm terrible in meetings. I suck at introductions, I don't make new friends easily and I loathe making new relationships that are strictly business. I am likable once you get to know me, but a lot of the time people think I feel weird toward them upon first meeting me. And business? Oh man. I couldn't be more terrible at anything than business.

And yet I am whole heartily pursuing this thing that I apparently am not fully qualified for in a lot of areas. So why do I do it? Because I am very confident in the areas that I am qualified. I've learned over the years that it is much more effective to try and blow people's minds with what you can do instead of trying to trick them into liking a fake version of you. I can write songs and I can perform them well. My singing voice behind a microphone speaks for me and I've learned to let that side of me do all the talking.

Here's to being yourself.